Moj grad, for more visible local budgets in Montenegro

Moj grad (My town) is an online portal founded by Institute Alternative back in 2013.

It is the key result of the project Monitoring of Local Budgets in Montenegro, that Institute Alternative conducted with the support of Think Tank Fund and Information Programme.

Its main goal is to be a successful "budget for citizens" platform. This means that Moj grad aims at making complicated budget terms and data understandable to Montenegrin citizens, as well as developing and fostering good practice of public involvement in the work of local municipalities.

So, what can be found on Moj grad?

  • Data on collected and spent funds of all local governments in Montenegro from 2009 till 2015
  • Data on unemployment rate
  • Final accounts of all municipalities
  • Audit reports on final accounts of municipalities
  • Data on number of local officials and employees and their income
  • Data on debt of local governments and etc.

Moj grad also provides data unavailable on the web pages of local municipalities, as well as the possibility to compare the data from different budget years. It also gives an explanation of budget terms relevant to understanding local finances.

Besides statistical data on all of the 23 local municipalities in Montenegro, in cooperation with our media partners, we publish interesting news concerning overall state of affairs in local governments, on daily bases.

Additionally, Moj grad provides detailed insight into Strategic plan of development of Capital City Podgorica 2017-2020, where data on all the capital projects in Podgorica can be found, from those which are already conducted to those planned to be conducted till 2020.

What are we up to?

In the following period, Moj grad will be enhanced with new data, covering budget expenses for social welfare transfers, transfers to individuals, NGOs and public sector, through IA’s recently started project activities.

Our vision is to present these budget expenses, which are yearly granted large sums of money, in an open and transparent manner.

Share your thoughts on Moj grad and our work, and help us make more visible, as a source of reliable information on local finances.

IA Team